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Brokers & Dealers / Agentes y Distribuidores

Aero Sales- Aircraft sales for Africa, particularly Southern Africa. Offers aircraft listings, a locator service, and currency converter.

Aeromondial Aircraft Sales and Support- Provides international aircraft ferrying, sales and consulting.

Aerostar Aircraft Corporation- Offering reconditioned Aerostars for sale and Aerostar parts.

AIC Aircraft Title Service- Offers title searches, title reports, escrow services, and FAA document filings.

Air Salvage- Acting as an intermediary in the sale of salvage aircraft.

Aircraft Dealer Network- Used aircraft, want ads, dealer information, and aircraft products.

Aircraft Marketplace- Specializes in pre-owned aircraft sales, including jet and helicopter sales.

Aircraft Sales Corporation- Aircraft for sale, sellers and brokers of preowned aircraft. Specialists in acquisition and brokerage.

Aircraft Shopper Online- Listings of aircraft for sale and want ads. Includes search feature by type of aircraft, financial and dealer information.

AirFund Corporation- Lessor of commercial aircraft.

Airplane Noise- Offers tools and tips to help with the purchase of an aircraft.

Alt-Air Ltd (RU)- Russian firm offering the sale or lease of aircraft for skydiving, air travel, and agriculture work.

Arab Aviation - We’re a close knit team of aviation, procurement and marketing professionals, dedicated to provide supply chain management, marketing intelligence, professional support, consultancy services and sales representation covering the aviation after-market. We have on our client and principal's list leading European, US and Far Eastern repair facilities, stockist, OEMs, operators, airlines and Arab governmental entities. We have been operating in the Arab region since 1990 focusing on niche areas, while developing our business to embrace supply chain management, aircraft leasing and brokerage and information services. All our multi-disciplinary professionals are well versed and have a working understanding of local laws and regulations, FCPA, ITAR, OECD Treaty and any update on any subsequent directives and regulations.

Atlanta Jet- Atlanta based seller Of business jets and props.

Aviaservice - Aviaservice is exlusive distributor of all of Raytheon Aircraft Company producst, for Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Neth. Antilles, Trinidad & Tobago. Our Service Centers are located in Venezuela and Colombia

Aviastar Asia Corporation- Taiwan-based firm that markets, leases and finances Russian civilian aircraft in Asia. Focuses on the IL-96T long-range wide-bodied cargo jetliner, TU-204 mid-range pax/cargo jetliner, IL-114 regional turboprop aircraft, AN-38 multi-purpose turboprop aircraft and the    MI-17 helicopters.

Aviation Airpark- A current inventory of full page ads with pictures for aircraft and parts for sale.

Aviation Quality Asurance- Specializes in buying, selling, and leasing McDonnell Douglas and Boeing aircraft, along with consumable and rotable spares. Describes products and services offered and provides contact information.

Aviation Services of America- Aircraft sales, brokerage, consulting and parts support for pre-owned Fairchild Metro series, Embraer EMB120 Brasilia, and other turbine aircraft.

Aviation Systems- Soporte integral para realizar su negocio, bien si desea ofertar su aeronave o motores, o si requiere una de ellas.
Asistencia Financiera: Lo asesoramos para acceder al financiamiento requerido en instituciones crediticias y financieras internacionales.
Compradores: Busqueda, selección, evaluación y asistencia durante todo el proceso de adquisición y transferencia.
Venta: Publicamos su oferta en los mayores mercados mundiales y ubicamos el comprador idoneo. Asesoria en todo el proceso hasta el cierre del negocio y la entrega de la aeronave.
Arrendamiento: Le contactamos con los mejores proveedores de aeronaves o motores y le ayudamos a cerrar su negocio en las mejores condiciones, asistiendolo durante todo el proceso, hasta el traslado de la aeronave o motores.
Technical Warehouse: Ofrecemos servicio de recepción, almacenamiento y despacho de equipos, partes y materiales.

Beacon Aviation Corporation- Corporate jet and helicopter marketing firm based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Bell Aviation- Company brokers and purchases aircraft for resale, primarily 400-Series Cessnas, Citations, King Airs, Cheyennes in addition to other corporate-class turboprops and jets.

BIDjet.com- An interactive transactional-based trading floor designed for principal buyers and sellers of aircraft.

Cloud Nine Aviation- Firm specializes in corporate jet aircraft sales.

Computaplane (UK)- Offers aircraft for sale, sellers and brokers of various aircraft. Specialists in acquisition and brokerage.

Controller- Airplanes offered by dealers, brokers, and private airplane owners.

Courtesy Aircraft- Offering expertise in all areas of aircraft acquisition, sales, and brokerage.

Creative Aviation- Deals in aircraft sales, leasing, acquisitions and brokerage world wide.

Denison Jet Sales Corporation- List of aircraft available for sale by this North Carolina company. Includes photos and specifications for each plane.

Dennis Thompson International Ltd. (NZ)- Providing a site for aircraft sales, service, aircraft finance and manangement.

E-Buying Guide- How to buy a new or used small aircraft.

Epic Aviation Aircraft Management and Sales- Cessna aircraft, new and used, fractional ownership, leaseback, and aircraft management program.

Epic Aviation Aircraft Sales- Specializes in Cessna aircraft, offering both new and used, fractional ownership programs, leasebacks, and an aircraft management program. Located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Executive Air- Sale of business jets and props. Also sale of "joint owners" aircraft, called AirShare.

Flightstore (UK)- Aviation equipment supplier.

Fox Flite- Sells and buys corporate aircraft. From twin engine and turbo props to business and Lear jets.

Gantt Aviation- Aviation sales and service site that offers planes and helicopters.

Heeren Aviation Consultants- Brokerage, appraisal, and acquisition of business jets.

Heliweb (AU)- Sale of helicopters and light aircraft.

High River Flight Centre- Flight training, Zlin aircraft sales, and maintenance.

Hoffman Aviation- A fixed-base operator in Somerset, Pennsylvania offering general aviation sales, flight instruction, and aerial photography.

Innotech-Execaire Aircraft Sales- Aircraft service company offering a full range of airline and corporate aircraft services and products.

International Aircraft Sales and Leasing- Dealing in executive jets and corporate airliners and have an in-depth knowledge of start up operations worldwide.

International Aviation Traders- Sales and brokerage of piston, turbine, and jet aircraft.

International Business Aircraft Brokerage- Sales and acquisition agents for corporate aircraft, specializing in converted airliners.

International Jet Traders- Aircraft and helicopter sales and aircraft appraisals.

JB&A Aviation, Inc.- Aircraft broker and consultant providing support as a professional analyst and consultant for turbine powered business aircraft.

Jerry Christian Aircraft Sales, Inc.- From two seaters to business jets.

Jerry Temple Aviation- Buyer and seller services, Cessna broker.

Jet Quest- Aircraft brokerage company specializing in marketing of turbo-props and jet aircraft.

Jet Systems- Buys and sells quality corporate aircraft.

Jeteffect- Broker of used medium to large jets based in Long Beach, California. Offers online inventory.

JetLease- Aircraft sales, leasing, financing, consulting.

JOFair LLC- Offers aircraft and parts brokerage, acquisition management, aircraft leasing and operations services. Visitors can post free ads for aircraft or parts.

John Bell Aircraft- Aircraft sales, brokerage, insurance, and financing.

JRW Aviation, Inc.- Specializing in aircraft and helicopters sales.

K.P. Aviation- Europa's West Coast sales agent-site includes weight and balance.

Kendall Aircraft- Selling a complete range of jet and piston engined aircraft.

Kent Cook Aircraft- Specialty services include aircraft search and acquisition.

LM AeroShop- Italian firm specializing in new Diamond aircraft and in used Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft aircraft.

Maule Canada, Inc. (CA)- Contains details, technical specs, options and prices of aircraft and accessories available for the Maule (M-7).

Meridian Aviation Limited- Distributor of new and preowned Piper Aircraft for the UK, Ireland and Spain. It also offers engineering, parts, flight operations and training services.

Mid State Aviation- Aircraft sales and aviation for agriculture.

Montana Aircraft Exchange- Selling single engine propeller aircraft

Nebrig & Associates, Inc.- Corporate aviation brokerage firm specializing in the sale, trade, lease and acquisition of turbine powered business aircraft.

Next Aircraft- Aircraft for sale from private owners, airplane dealers and brokers. Find Cessna, Mooney, Piper, single engine, multi engine, turbo props and jets.

Nihon Air Service- Specialists in sales and purchases of aircraft and spare parts, aeronautical consulting services, delivery leasing for YS-11/A aircraft.

Nordic Aviation Contractor (DK)- Lease and aircraft sale of turbine aircraft in the 6 - 48 seat category.

Northstar Aviation- Marketing and sales of commuter/regional turboprop aircraft.

O'Gara Jets- Used corporate jet aircraft sales.

Omni Jet Trading- Easton, Maryland firm offering a selection of commuter and business aircraft.

Piedmont Hawthorne Aviation- Raytheon/Beechcraft distributor selling new and used aircraft.

Precision Aircraft Appraisal, LLC- Provides aircraft appraisal service to lenders, buyers, sellers, insurers and attorneys through the use of the National Aircraft Appraisers Association proprietary software program.

Provider Aviation Services, Inc.- Providing C-123 Aircraft for Transport, Cargo, Air-to-Air Refueling and Other Missions.

Quality Aircraft&- Used helicopter(s) for sale.

R&S Aviation, LLC- Aircraft sales, brokerage, appraisals, acquisitions, and purchase or sales consulting.

Raytheon Aircraft Company- Offering new, preowned and charter aircraft for businesses, governments and individuals, and maintenance and support available internationally.

Regourd Aviation - Since 1976, Regourd Aviation serves its clients by offering value added services in terms of TRANSACTION and OPERATION of corporate and commuter AIRPLANES & HELICOPTERS. Today, Regourd Aviation is proud to be recognized as one of the European leaders, distinguished by its solid technical expertise and network of international alliances.

Rotary Wing Aircraft Sales- Helicopters offered for private and commercial sale.

Seawind Europe (UK)- Seawind amphibian kit-built aircraft European home site.

SkyQuest International, LLC- North Carolina-based commercial aircraft remarketing firm, specializing in regional commuter aircraft such as Beech 1900, Embraer Brasilia, and the Saab 340.

Skytech Inc- Offers aircraft sales, maintenance service, avionics and parts support.

Styl Aviation Service- Specialised in piston aircraft and maintenance

Suburban Air Freight- Small-engine aircraft for sale. Based in Omaha, NE.

Tamiami Aircraft Sales Corp.- Aircraft broker and dealer in Miami, Florida. Includes aircraft photos.

TECNAM limited (NZ) - Tecnam Limited is the master distributor for Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the Greater Pacific area. The operational base is at Ardmore Airport, where the demonstration planes are kept, as well as our technical department and spares. One of Tecnam's heartfelt aims is to promote safe flying. This has led us to the creation of 'Auckland Flight Training'. AFT offers flight instruction at all levels, both for General Aviation and Microlight. A Systems Engineering department (for the development of light aviation related equipment), completes the set up.

Texas Turboprop- Specializing in sales, upgrading and updating the LET 410

The Aircraft Finder- Offers online paid classified ad space for all types of aircraft for sale.

TSH One- Provides executive air charter and air ambulance services. Aircraft leasing also available. Offers online price quotes.(English, German, Italian, and French)

Tyler Turbine Sale- Listings for used planes sales or used aircraft sales such as King Air, Cessna, Barons, turbines and jets in the East Texas and Tyler area.

U.S. Aircraft Sales- Aircraft sales, brokerage and leasing firm.

USA Aircraft Brokers, Inc.- Buys and sells used aircraft and offers a fractional share program. Based in Louisiana.

Valentine Aviation- Specializing in sale of light twin and single engine airplanes.

Van Bortel Aviation- Specialized in selling Cessnas.

Vikingar (UK)- Experts in the acquisition or sale of the BAe 146 aircraft and engines.

W. L. Snook and Associates, Inc.- A consultancy providing aircraft marketing and acquisition services.

WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation- Providing the opportunity to experience the 'Golden Age of Aviation' with all the safety, convenience and reliability of a totally new FAA certified aircraft.

Web Aeroautical, Inc.- FAA "DAR" services, pre-purchase aircraft and engine evaluation, historical records, , boroscope inspection, parts procurement.

Wings Aviation Intl.- Specializing in sale of business jets and props. Gives detailed information with pictures, and descriptions.

Wingsonline- Photos and specs of aircraft for sale or lease worldwide including airplanes and helicopters.

Zook's Aviation Services, Inc.- Services include aircraft chartering, leasing, jet sales and fractional ownership.

Aircraft Traders, Dealers, Brokers, and Resellers





A.M.F., Inc.

F. Khaleghi-Yazdi

Tel. (954)359-8080

A.O.G. Aircraft Service, Inc.

Rick Valentine

Tel. (305)351-1141

A/C Fuel Cells Worldwide/ A/C Team, Inc.

Charles Lanza

Tel. (901)794-4488

AIRPRO Flight Services Aircraft Investments, Inc.

Doyle "Rog" Rogers

Tel. (501)251-3900

AMR Combs

Dean Rush

Tel. (214)956-1728

AOG, Air & Ground Services Ltd.

Bekir Gunes

Tel. (90) 212-663-0736


James Warren

Tel. (937)656-9485


Chris Hughes

Tel. (724)887-3672

Abelag Aviation

Guy Visele

Tel. (32) 2-720-5880

Aero Air, Inc.

Norman Ralston, Jr.

Tel. (503)640-3711

Aero Dynamics

Andrew Tomiak

Tel. (214)352-2376

Aero International Associates

Dorothee Miller

Tel. (718)225-7100

AeroGenesis Aviation, Inc. Flight Operations & Quoting

Andrew Radatz

Tel. (800)339-7305

Aerocentro de Servicios C.A.

Pedro J. Pirela

Tel. (58) 2-959-0401

Aerodynamics, Inc.

Frank Macartney

Tel. (800)235-9234

Aerodyne Consultants & Marketing, Inc.

Thomas Jenkins

Tel. (703)759-0546

Aerolease International, Inc.

Michael Goldberg

Tel. (970)920-4488

Aeromanagement, Inc.

Bolling DeSouza

Tel. (703)742-0903

Aeronautic Services, Inc.

Gerald Arthur

Tel. (219)636-7487

Aerosmith Penny, Inc.

David Eickhoff

Tel. (713)649-6100


Enrique Tron

Tel. (52) 322-11-921

Africana, Inc.

Angie Marchini

Tel. (305)597-7044

Air Assets, Inc.

Gordon Page

Tel. (303)460-1156

Air Associates of Kansas

Michael DeCoursey


Air Charters Durango

Mark Dold

Tel. (970)259-4288

Air Net Systems, Inc. - Aircraft Traders, Dealers, Brokers, and Resellers

7250 Star Check Drive Columbus, OH 43217-1210

Wynn Peterson (614) 409-4900


Air Strathmont Corp.

Thomas Wyckoff

Tel. (607)735-4555

Air Trails

Jack Teters

Tel. (408)757-5144

Air-Care, Inc.

J.B. Williams

Tel. (919)977-1717

AirFlite, Inc.

Tommy Walker

Tel. (562)490-6230

Aircraft Acquisitions, Inc.

Deborah Bew

Tel. (919)493-6200

Aircraft Dealers Network

John Forehand

Tel. (405)491-0803

Aircraft Marketing, Inc.

Pete Ettinger

Tel. (505)842-4944

Aircraft Marketing, Ltd.

Louis Kaminsky

Tel. (702)260-3333

Aircraft Remarketing Svcs. Co.

F. James Helms

Tel. (830)438-3817

Aircraft Services Group, Inc.

Jonathan Parker

Tel. (201)995-9570

Aircraft Support & Svcs., Inc.

J.A. Fadel

Tel. (407)381-1078

Aircraft Technical Support

Jim Miller

Tel. (614)877-3334

Aircraft Trading Center, Inc.

D. Ray Henderson

Tel. (561)747-3500

Airfair Aircraft Sales, Inc.

B. Tim Brookshire

Tel. (903)531-2213

Airparts Co., Inc.

Herbert George Maxwell

Tel. (305)739-3575


Juarez Faria

Tel. (55) 31-295-3147

Airway Flight Services, Inc.

Stacy Baumann

Tel. (847)215-0098

Airworks, Inc.

Suzanne Celentano

Tel. (201)727-0737

Allee Enterprises, Inc.

Norris Allee

Tel. (281)486-0540

Allied Jet International, Inc.

Charles Belcher

Tel. (770)963-9888

Allred International, Inc.

Allison Fisher

Tel. (303)753-1434

American Aircraft Sales Intl.

Charles Tolbert

Tel. (941)484-0699

American Jet Management

Albert Morgenthaler

Tel. (314)532-2707

American Technology Resources

Angie Marchini

Tel. (305)597-7044

Arizona Aircraft, Inc.

Cody Ramsey

Tel. (520)775-3832

Arizona Jet Exchange

Weldon Riker

Tel. (520)887-1774

Atlanta Jet, Inc.

Rick Steelman

Tel. (770)338-1552

Atlantic Aero, Inc.

Sam Baker

Tel. (336)668-0411

Atlantic Aviation Corp.

John Elwood

Tel. (302)322-7206

Auster Aviation Group LLC

Greg Chapman

Tel. (630)466-1990

Austin Aero

Doug Cool

Tel. (512)479-6666

AvBase Aviation

John DePalma

Tel. (216)265-9500

Aviation Business Center, Inc.

Anthony Frallicciardi

Tel. (305)772-2444

Aviation Charter, Inc.

Ann Romera

Tel. (612)943-1519

Aviation Consultants of Aspen, Inc.

Andrew Cohen

Tel. (603)465-9140

Aviation Consulting International Group

Juan Escalante, III

Tel. (619)661-6126

Aviation Development Synergies, Inc.

Donald Shotz

Tel. (781)762-7600

Aviation Innovations Group, Inc.

Kirk Phillips

Tel. (864)370-0019

Aviation Marketing Group, Inc.

Andrew Damiano

Tel. (704)359-8833

Aviation Material & Technical Support (AVMATS)

A. Giessman

Tel. (314)426-7227

Aviation Resource Group International

W. Stephen Dennis

Tel. (303)368-1000

Aviation Sales, Inc.

Rick Penwell

Tel. (973)885-3662

Aviation Technology Enterprises, Inc.

Jim Golba

Tel. (602)706-1363

Aviation Transactions, Inc.

John Thomason

Tel. (706)781-6980

Aviatrade, Inc.

Philip Rushton

Tel. (908)696-1174

Avicor Aviation, Inc.

J. Allan Tamm

Tel. (503)973-5711

Avjet Corp.

Marc Foulkrod

Tel. (818)841-6190

Avpro, Inc.

M.J. Pullins

Tel. (410)573-1515

B-Four Aviation, Ltd.

George Beatty

Tel. (334)724-0554

Badger International Grp. Ltd.

James Pitman

Tel. (441)292-0328

Barken International, Inc.

Terry Bixler

Tel. (801)539-7700

Bear River Turbines

Ken Rose

Tel. (602)860-1430

Beck Aviation

John Beck

Tel. (602)730-9963

Beckett Enterprises, Inc.

Forest Beckett

Tel. (216)261-1111

Bell Aviation, Inc.

Keith Driggers

Tel. (803)822-4114


Peter Weber

Tel. (41) 22-849-8611

Blair Aviation, Inc.

Maynard Blair

Tel. (920)731-7307

Bloomer deVere Group Avia, Inc.

Mark Bloomer

Tel. (818)848-6600

Blue Diamond Services Ltd.

Antonio Gooding

Tel. (718)268-3935

Bob Ludlam Aircraft Sales

Bob Ludlam

Tel. (618)377-1000

Boca Aviation

Mark Wantshouse

Tel. (561)368-1110

Bradley Aviation Larkin Service Division, Inc.

Barbara Bradley

Tel. (912)634-9944

Brown Aviation

Raymond Brown

Tel. (704)544-6444

Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc.

Charles Mulle

Tel. (615)361-3781

Business Aviation

Mark Smidt

Tel. (605)336-7791

Business Jet Services Ltd.

Stephanie Bryant

Tel. (214)357-7477

Byerly Aviation, Inc.

Jeffrey Cousins

Tel. (309)697-6300

C.A.M. Intl. Trade, Inc.

Bob Mattis

Tel. (954)970-9919

CLIENTAV International, Inc.

Lee Sixta

Tel. (913)393-0400

Candler & Associates, Inc.

David Candler

Tel. (210)341-3395

Carolina Aircraft, Inc.

George Johnson

Tel. (336)996-4425

Casper Air Service

Chuck Fredrickson

Tel. (307)472-3400

Cav-Air, Inc.

Wilson Hanna

Tel. (954)491-4454

Celsius Aerotech, Inc. Furst Aircraft & Instrument

Ed Furst

Tel. (201)440-0075

Central California Aviation, Inc.

Robert Pursell

Tel. (209)252-2926

Central Flying Service, Inc.

Phil Gustafson

Tel. (501)375-3245

Central Missouri Aviation, Inc.

Steve Allen

Tel. (573)443-1576

Cessna Aircraft Co.

Philip Michel

Tel. (316)941-6000

Challenger Air Charter A Div. of Global Access Agents, Inc

Sharman Reecher

Tel. (925)275-2175

Charter Clearing House

Wendy Howard

Tel. (800)288-8359

Chrisair International, Inc.

Chris Baker

Tel. (615)865-5060

Chrysler Pentastar Aviation

Chad Winings

Tel. (248)666-3630

Clintondale Aviation

Colin Hamilton

Tel. (914)883-5277

Cloud Nine Aviation

Lee Hall

Tel. (310)441-3040

Coastal Turbine, Inc.

Ed Papworth

Tel. (941)793-5050

Commander Aircraft Co.

Wirt Walker

Tel. (405)495-8080

Corporate Airsearch Intl.

Sharon Hanley

Tel. (561)750-8221

Corporate Fleet Services

Leslie Pachter

Tel. (704)359-0007

Corporate Flight, Inc.

Charles Gray

Tel. (313)941-6520

Corporate Jet Sales, Inc.

Patrick Janas

Tel. (703)687-5300

Cosgrove Aircraft Service, Inc.

John Cosgrove

Tel. (516)231-6111

Crow Executive Air, Inc.

Eric Barnum

Tel. (419)838-6921

Cutter Aviation El Paso, Inc.

Alfonso Moreno

Tel. (915)779-0270

Cutter Aviation, Inc.

William Cutter

Tel. (602)273-1237

Cutter Flying Service

Lowell Whitten

Tel. (505)842-4184

D-G Airways, Inc.

John Wolfe

Tel. (304)453-1177

DDH Aviation

Robert Holly

Tel. (817) 837-1008

DGF & Associates, Inc.

Donald Fleischman

Tel. (972)313-0000

Dale E. Garber & Associates

Dale Garber

Tel. (713)326-2246

Dan Jay Aircraft Sales, Inc.

Danford Jay

Tel. (408)288-2317

Dassault Falcon Jet

John House

Tel. (201)440-6700

DavisAir, Inc.

Gary Davis

Tel. (412)469-1700

Del Mar Jets LLC

Patrick Cutbirth

Tel. (619)509-7600

Denison Jet Sales Corp.

Richard Denison

Tel. (864)271-9500

Des Moines Flying Service, Inc.

John Lowe

Tel. (515)256-5300

Diamond Ridge Jet P/C Asheville Jet Charter Mgt.

Vernon Austin

Tel. (704)687-0091

Dickerson Aero, Inc.

Keith Dickerson

Tel. (903)297-2059

Dominion Aircraft, Inc.

Rusty Scioscia

Tel. (412)331-4969

Donath Aircraft Services

Robert Donath

Tel. (217)528-6667

Dowdy Plane Aviation Sales & Service, Inc.

Drew Kilberg

Tel. (407)898-3359

Downtown Airpark, Inc.

Frank Gertson

Tel. (405)634-1456

Dulles Aviation, Inc.

Joseph Gardner

Tel. (703)361-2171

Dunell Aviation International AB

Ulf Dunell

Tel. (46) 8-607-4100

Dynamic Aero, Inc.

Kevin McCanles

Tel. (816)380-1075

E.H.R. Investments, Inc.

Edward Rothen

Tel. (203)637-4720

E.M. Kinney & Associates, Inc.

Edwin Kinney

Tel. (330)494-9995

Eagle Aviation, Inc.

John O'Neal

Tel. (803)822-5555

Eagle Flight Services, Inc.

Doyle Schmidt

Tel. (713)641-0998

East Coast Jet Center

Mark Connell

Tel. (954)772-0038

Echo Aviation Services

Earl Hunt

Tel. (704)553-8402

Echo Delta Aircraft Sales

Edward Janov

Tel. (213)656-9553

Edmund Burke Aviation

Edmund Burke

Tel. (714)757-1212

Elliott Aviation, Inc.

Tom Myers

Tel. (309)799-3183

Essex Aviation Corporate Aircraft Sales, Brokerage and Re-marketing

Kirti Bhimani

Tel. 44 (0)208 262 7082, Fax. 44 (0)208 599 6191

E-mail: essexaviation@libra.force9.co.uk

Execaire, Inc.

Ray Kuliavas

Tel. (514)636-7070

Executive Air Terminal, Inc. CRW Avitat

Earl Whyde

Tel. (304)343-8818

Executive Air Transport Ltd.

John Rageth

Tel. (411)800-8777

Executive Aircraft Management, LLC

Chris Mygatt

Tel. (303)449-3730

Executive Aircraft Sales, Inc.

Michael Laughery

Tel. (847)381-7898

Executive Airlines Pty. Ltd.

Geoffrey Hardinge

Tel. (61) 394-321-777

Executive Aviation

Guy Adams

Tel. (214)250-2002

Executive Beechcraft, Inc.

Dan Meisinger

Tel. (816)842-8484

Finnoff & Associates, Inc.

Chris Finnoff

Tel. (303)444-0519

Flight Services Group, Inc.

Ken Sowa

Tel. (203)380-4009

Flight Source Intl., Inc.

Maria Eckardt

Tel. (941)366-2312

Flight Support, Inc.

Robert Pinedo

Tel. (209)982-1622

FlightSolutions, Inc.

Kevin McCutcheon

Tel. (615)452-9300

Flightcraft, Inc.

Ernie Sturm

Tel. (503)331-4201

Florida Wings, Inc.

Paul Warsaw

Tel. (954)776-0278

Flying A Limited, Inc.

Mark Ackerman

Tel. (210)377-2717

Frazier & Associates, Inc.

Robert Frazier

Tel. (817)571-3448

Frick Aviation, Inc.

Larry Frick

Tel. (803)884-5052

GFK Flight Support

Brent Seifert

Tel. (701)772-5504

GLOBEnet Aviation Svcs., Inc.

Michael Mazzone

Tel. (604)552-2884

GPS International Aircraft Services

Robert Anderson

Tel. (972)771-5661

Galvin Flying Service, Inc.

Chuck Kegley

Tel. (206)763-0350

Gary Jet Center

Will Davis

Tel. (219)944-1210

General Aviation Services, Inc.

Daniel Dickinson

Tel. (847)726-5000

General Aviation Technologies

Michele Teel

Tel. (847)726-5010

General Electric Capital Corp.

Jeffrey Smith

Tel. (203)796-1006

Geneva Aviation, Inc.

Dave Regula

Tel. (425)353-7400

Global Air Support LLC

William Schwarz

Tel. (719)576-3151

Global Aviation, Inc.

Flo Newton

Tel. (503)648-6403

Global Jet

John Bone

Tel. (404)254-8326

Gran-Aire, Inc.

John Lotzer

Tel. (414)461-3222

Great Planes Sales, Inc.

Gary Conklin

Tel. (918)836-7168

Great Pond Aviation

Richard Conrad

Tel. (914)234-4100

Griffing Associates, Inc.

Henry B. "Pete" Griffing

Tel. (610)539-5399

Grisanti Business Aircraft, Inc.

Mario D. Grisanti

Tel. (903)593-5000

Gulf Winds, Inc.

W. Haley

Tel. (281)370-7600

Gunnison Valley Aviation, Inc.

Sandy Bush

Tel. (970)641-0526

H.C. Aviation Co.

Bobby Scott

Tel. (210)824-4900

Hallmark Aviation Ltd.

Stephen Hall

Tel. (410)740-0200

Halverson Management, Inc.

Mike Halverson

Tel. (405)332-1950

Harris Air, Inc.

Robert Harris

Tel. (801)755-0099

Hill Aircraft & Leasing Corp.

Larry Westbrook

Tel. (404)691-3330

Hill Aviation

William Duncan

Tel. (809)723-3385

Hugh Redditt Co.

Hugh Redditt

Tel. (561)575-0261

ITC-Aerospace, Inc.

Tomoo Nakayama

Tel. (81) 3-3555-3621

IdealAir, Inc.

Bill Tanis

Tel. (973)300-9066

Innotech Aviation Limited

Ray Kuliavas

Tel. (514)636-7070

Interiors Two

Barbara Fey

Tel. (303)770-4507

Interjet, Inc.

Byron Hoffman

Tel. (972)931-8889

International Aviation Advisors

Robert Dolby

Tel. (941)351-5400

International Aviation Technical Services

Joseph Tukakosi

Tel. (310)533-0911

International Flight Center, Inc.

Fred Flaquer

Tel. (305)238-8122

International Jet Markets, Inc.

Bill Pilker

Tel. (770)971-5401

International Jet Services, Ltd.

Stefan Jaeggi

Tel. (44) 81-255-3600

International Jet Traders, Inc.

Marcelo Abello

Tel. (954)491-1941

J. Mesinger Corp. Jet Sales, Inc.

Jay Mesinger

Tel. (303)444-6766

J. Michael Lea & Associates, Inc.

J. Michael Lea

Tel. (281)370-9223

J.A. Air Center

Scott Fank: J. A. Aero

Tel. (630)584-3200

JB & A Aviation, Inc.

Jerry Smith

Tel. (713)850-9300

JP Associates, Inc.

Jovis Pawnee

Tel. (407)894-1241

Jack Prewitt & Associates, Inc.

Syl Stroot

Tel. (817)283-2826

James Markel & Associates Inc

Jim Markel

Tel. (707)255-7500

Jet 1, Inc.

J. Phillips

Tel. (941)643-9700

Jet Aircraft Acquisitions

Edward Morris

Tel. (904)277-2110

Jet Associates

Phil Jordan

Tel. (214)358-0168

Jet Fleet Access International

G. Kevakian

Tel. (415)908-6734

Jet Partners, Inc.

Gary Flaugher

Tel. (407)228-0966

Jet Systems Corporation

Michael Dolphin

Tel. (914)421-9100

Jet Ventures, Inc.

Edwin Sullivan

Tel. (512)990-7940

Jet-Link/Private Jet Air Service

Drusilla Peddicord

Tel. (310)822-9461

JetBrokers, Inc.

Tom Crowell

Tel. (314)532-6900

JetFlite, Inc.

W. McClurken

Tel. (561)266-9570

JetSun Aviation Centre

Steve Griffith

Tel. (712)258-6563


Jerry Moore

Tel. (314)532-8882

Jetcraft Corp.

Charles Oliver

Tel. (919)941-8400

Jetsense, Inc.

Carl Kirkpatrick, Partner

Tel. (877)297-7590 (615)269-3429


Jimsair Aviation Services, Inc.

Clayton Willits

Tel. (619)298-7704

Jones Aviation Service, Inc.

Gary W. Jones

Tel. (800)945-6637

Kansas City Aviation Center

Ron Griffith

Tel. (913)782-0530

Ken McInturff Aircraft Sales

Ken McInturff

Tel. (818)780-3455

Keystone Helicopter Corp.

Rick Hinkle

Tel. (610)644-4430

Kite Aviation Co.

James Kite

Tel. (713)644-0361

Knight Aero Corp.

Peter Knight

Tel. (305)285-9333

LIT Holdings/Executive Aviation

Dave Crown

Tel. (612)943-1519

Lacoste Aviation, Inc.

Phil Gardner

Tel. (407)323-0888

Lake Flyers LLC

T.E. Simpson

Tel. (919)765-9023

Lake Shore Aircraft

Ken Kunes

Tel. (219)977-9841

Lane Aviation Corp.

Thomas Deuber

Tel. (614)237-3747

Laurel Flying Service, Inc.

Scott Rogers

tel. (770)458-9600

Le Bas International Air Division

Kristina Berrey

Tel. (805)927-9797

Leadair Unijet

Dannys Famin

Tel. (33) 14-835-9912

Leading Aviation

Luis Evia

Tel. (619)671-0228

Legacy Aviation LLC

Joe Cabuk

Tel. (318)387-0222

Liberty Air Management, Inc.

Neal Samonte

Tel. (301)739-4401

Lindow Aircraft Associates, Inc.

Robert Lindow

Tel. (810)752-1810

Lok-Duncan Aviation s.r.o.

Jaroslav Najman

Tel. (42) 02-850-7740

Lumanair Aviation Services

Mike Luman

Tel. (630)466-4866

MAC Aircraft, Inc.

Donald Hatton

Tel. (678)377-9423

MK-Air Productions

Mark Konstan

Tel. (352)343-4574

Mach One International, Inc.

Shelly Zachary

Tel. (219)436-6864

Mack Aviation Co., Inc.

Philip Mack

Tel. (206)271-5277

Magnolia Creek Aircraft Sales, Inc.

Arve Henriksen Jr.

Tel. (334)633-6767

Magnus Aviation, Inc.

Jeffrey Magnus

Tel. (920)467-6151

Maine Aviation Corp.

Allyn Caruso

Tel. (207)780-1811

Major & Associates

Bill Major

Tel. (316)794-2714

Margaret Mead & Associates

Margaret Mead

Tel. (505)438-2538

Maxfly Aviation, Inc.

Patricia Ackerman

Tel. (954)771-9171

McClure Aviation Network

Mark McClure

Tel. (713)651-1600

McCreery Aviation Co., Inc.

Jim Taylor

Tel. (956)686-1774

McKelvey Aviation One Management LLC

Nathan McKelvey

Tel. (781)834-4809

McKinley Air Transport, Inc.

Sandy Soemisch

Tel. (800)225-6446

McMoy & Associates, Inc.

Donald McMoy

Tel. (817)624-6480

Memphis International Aircraft Sales, Inc.

Lanny Culver

Tel. (901)345-7212

Mercaereo Ltda.

Mauricio Camacho

Tel. (57) 1-415-8215

Merryman Jet Sales, Inc.

Bob Merryman

Tel. (405)943-1124

Metro Business Aviation Ltd.

Glen Smith

Tel. (44) 1-27-966-5309

Meyers Aircraft Co.

Paul Whetstone

Tel. (830)438-3100

Midcoast Aviation, Inc.

Dave Potter

Tel. (618)337-2100

Mike Berger Aircraft L.C.

Mike Berger

Tel. (520)299-8626

Miller Aviation, Inc.

Nick Cerretani

Tel. (800)288-4228

Million Air Orlando

Roger Phillips

Tel. (407)330-2309

Million Air Salt Lake City

William Haberstock

Tel. (801)359-2085

Million Air, St. Louis

Ron Fry

Tel. (314)532-0404

Million Air, Teterboro

Connie Cirigliano

Tel. (201)288-5040

Million Air, Tulsa

Bob Jandebeur

Tel. (918)836-6592

Music City Charter, Inc.>/td>

Ed Cadena

Tel. (615)459-4020

N.Y. Air Charter, Inc.

Marty Krutolow

Tel. (800)692-4724

National Aircraft Sales, Inc.

R.G. Crump

Tel. (407)622-6446

Nebrig & Associates, Inc.

Mike Nebrig

Tel. (940)484-7555

New Charter (UK) Ltd.

Pavel Boiko

Tel. (44) 181-343-8087

New Market Alliance, Inc.

Jim Oliviero

Tel. (603)431-1709

Northeast Air, Inc.

Don Patch

Tel. (207)774-6318

Northwestern Aircraft Capital Corp.

Stephen Ramsden

Tel. (206)232-2424

O'Gara Aviation LLC

John Foster

Tel. (770)955-3554

OK Aviation, Inc.

Jack Kendall

Tel. (831)333-9033

Ohio Aviation, Inc.

Henry Reichelt

Tel. (216)261-3000

Omni Jet Trading Center, Inc.

Wayne Hilmer

Tel. (410)820-7300


Nathan Sears

Tel. (518)562-0649

Ottendorf Aviation, Inc.

George Ottendorf

Tel. (904)239-0484

Owner To Owner, Inc.

William Kaczor

Tel. (561)478-2244

Pacific Jet Aviation Intl.

Robert Rada

Tel. (302)571-1818

Palm Air

Harry Howard

Tel. (888)398-7256

Par Avion Ltd.

Janine Iannarelli

Tel. (713)681-0075

Peach Aviation

Joan Smith

Tel. (770)867-1048

Pensacola Aviation Center

Sam Manze

Tel. (904)434-0636

Peregrine Aviation Services

R. Dandeneau

Tel. (201)342-3700

Petecraft Aviation Services, Inc.

Martine Peterson

Tel. (912)824-7788

Petersen Aviation

Ken Curry

Tel. (818)989-2300

Piedmont Hawthorne Aviation

Richard A. Reed

Tel. (336)776-6039

Pilatus Business Aircraft, Ltd.

Chris Finnoff

Tel. (303)465-9099

Pompano Air Center, Inc.

Brian Becker

Tel. (954)943-6050

Ponce Airlines Services P.A.S.

Lazaro Canto

Tel. (787)253-3535

Poplar Grove Airmotive, Inc.

Stephen Thomas

Tel. (815)544-3471

Premier Air Center, Inc.

James Mrkacek

Tel. (618)259-3230

Premier Aviation, Inc.

Ron Standerfer

Tel. (203)375-5677

Prewitt Aircraft Sales Co.

Raymond Prewitt

Tel. (512)493-7208

Priester Aviation

Rick Teel

Tel. (847)537-1200

Prime Airborne

Angelo Fiataruolo

Tel. (607)739-7148

Prior Aviation Service, Inc.

Jack B. Prior

Tel. (716)633-1000


George Smith

Tel. (210)366-9658

RJM Aviation Associates, Inc.

Bill Nagy

Tel. (860)828-3546

Raisbeck Engineering, Inc.

James D. Raisbeck

Tel. (206)723-2000

Randland Aircraft Ltd.

John L. Freiberg

Tel. (504)522-7318

Raytheon Aircraft Co.

Doug Mahin

Tel. (316)676-7209

Regent Aviation

Mike Cleary

Tel. (612)227-7801

RidgeAire, Inc.

Bud or Brian Ridgley

Tel. (903)586-1521

Robert B. Currey & Associates, Inc.

Robert Currey

Tel. (512)869-8765

Ronson Aviation, Inc.

Gary Hilton

Tel. (609)771-9500

Royal Aviation Services, Inc./ Jet Center

Ken Haley

Tel. (602)641-5000

SH&E, Inc.

Robert Krenitsky

Tel. (212)682-8455

Sabreliner Corp.

Dave Potter

Tel. (314)863-6880

Sair Aviation, Inc.

James Messenger

Tel. (315)455-7951

San Jose Jet Center, Inc.

James Rutherford

Tel. (800)853-2FLY

Sandhills Publishing (Controller)

Susan Miller

Tel. (800)247-4890

Seagull Aircraft Corp.

Scott Elder

Tel. (201)393-9644

Shoreline Aviation, Inc.

Ann Pollard

Tel. (781)834-4928

Showalter Flying Service, Inc.

Robert Showalter

Tel. (407)894-7331

Sierra Industries, Inc.

Mark Huffstutler

Tel. (830)278-4381

Skynorth Aviation

Norm Colhoun

Tel. (306)522-5050

Skyservice FBO, Inc.

F.J. Staskow

Tel. (514)636-3300

Sonoma Jet

Jorgen Olsgaard

Tel. (707)837-8251

South Carolina Air Transport

Dave Thomson

Tel. (800)737-4767

South Florida Aircraft, Inc.

William Bondar

Tel. (954)359-8100

South Jet Corp., Inc.

Greg Garee

Tel. (407)259-0667

Southeastern Aviation Services

Danelle Love

Tel. (770)421-9479

Southern Pride Aviation, Inc.

Mike O'Brien

Tel. (954)938-8991

Southwest Jet Aviation

John Castrogiovanni

Tel. (602)991-7076

Sowell Aviation Co., Inc.

J. Sowell

Tel. (904)785-4325

Spaulding & Hughes Aviation

Dick Spaulding

Tel. (703) 684-4832

Spitfire Aviation

Robert Combs

Tel. (704)784-3591

Stevens Aviation, Inc.

Jim Amador

Tel. (864)879-6000

Stuart Jet Center

Scott MacDonald

Tel. (561)288-6700

Summit Aviation Corp.

Michael Brazill

Tel. (800)255-4625

Summit Group, Inc. Bruce Jenner Aviation

Stoney Truett

Tel. (803)822-8700

Sun-Air Aviation, Inc.

Henry Gantner

Tel. (805)987-8464

Sundance Airpark-OKC

Gary Varnell

Tel. (405)373-3886

Sunjet Aviation, Inc.

James Watkins

Tel. (407)328-8440

Syracuse Executive Air Service, Inc.

Joe Roth

Tel. (315)455-6617


Thierry Huguenin

Tel. (305)792-9136

TTB Aviation Business Aviation Div.

Chase Holmes Sr.

Tel. (888)375-8316

TXI Aviation, Inc.

Allan McGinness

Tel. (214)352-9033

Telford Aviation, Inc.

Telford M. Allen, III

Tel. (207)872-5555

Ten Import-Export, Inc.

Jorge Rubio

Tel. (305)477-9338

The Air Group, Inc.

Jon Winthrop

Tel. (888)400-8890

The Charter Group LLC

Lloyd Percell

Tel. (702)568-5100

The Dyer Group, Inc.

Andrew Dyer

Tel. (864)232-0551

The Flightstar Corp.

Chip Hussey

Tel. (217)351-7700

The Galloway Group, Inc.

Jack Galloway

Tel. (201)807-9500

The Gulf Air Group Corp.

Michael Marcos

Tel. (713)649-0082

The Parts Network

Kenneth Avance

Tel. (714)850-9110

The TAS Group

Jonathan Tasler

Tel. (816)858-3280

Thomas's Aircraft Service

K. Thomas Idiculla

Tel. (914)564-7221

Thunder Aviation NA, Inc.

Lawrence Moskoff

Tel. (314)532-3000

Tim Leacock Aircraft Sales Ltd.

Fiona Leacock

Tel. (44) 90-866-1507

Total Aviation Services, Inc.

Chuck Thomas

Tel. (702)798-6500

Tradewinds Aviation, Inc.

Rick Nini

Tel. (810)666-4077

Trajen Flight Support

John Clanton

Tel. (409)260-4000

Tri State Executive Air

George Morrone

Tel. (561)395-5402

Tri-State Aircraft Sales, Inc.

Kristen O'Keefe

Tel. (973)316-8870

Turbine Aircraft Services, Inc.

Tom Berscheidt

Tel. (972)248-3520

Turbine Solutions, Inc.

Dan Hodgins

Tel. (352)799-7000

Turboprop East, Inc.

Rick Boynton

Tel. (413)664-4585

21st Century Jet Corp.

Tel. (800)821-5387


Tyler Jet Aircraft Sales, Inc.

T.J. Beverley

Tel. (903)595-2000

UCO Aerospace / Northwest Jet

Jack Urich

Tel. (800)228-2468

Universal Jet Aviation

Michael McCauley

Tel. (561)989-0025

Universal Jet Trading

Thomas Westrick

Tel. (301)468-1000

Utah Jet Center LLC

Brent Roberts

Tel. (435)753-2221

Van Bortel Aircraft, Inc.

Howard Van Bortel

Tel. (817)468-7788

Vance & Engles Aircraft Brokers, Inc.

Jim Vance

Tel. (410)268-3500

Vee Neal Aviation

Charles Frey

Tel. (412)539-4533

Vortex Helicopters LLC

Gary Kauffman

Tel. (619)234-5387

W.L. Snook & Associates, Inc.

William Snook

Tel. (301)657-1169

Wagner Aviation

John Wagner

Tel. (813)442-8633

Wall Aircraft Corp.

Larry Wall

Tel. (407)897-3300


Welsch Aviation, Inc.

James Welsch, Ken Weiss, Robert Hart

Tel. (516)271-0095

Wentworth & Affiliates, Inc.

Wendy Bierwirth

Tel. (301)869-4600

West Houston Airport

Woody Lesikar

Tel. (281)492-2130

Western Flight, Inc.

Monte Testerman

Tel. (760)438-6800

Westernair, Inc.

Richard Durand

Tel. (505)842-4444

Wings Associates, Inc.

Michael O'Kane

Tel. (914)681-1931

Wings Aviation International

Joseph Carfagna

Tel. (201)891-0881

Wisconsin Aviation, Inc.

Jeff Baum

Tel. (920)261-4567

Witham & Associates

Chris Witham

Tel. (805)363-6002

Woodland Aviation, Inc.

Matt Bosco

Tel. (530)669-3129

World Jet Trading, A/S

Kristian Hougaard

Tel. (45)3313-3133

Xtra Jet International

Tim Prero

Tel. (877)987-2538

ZII, Inc.

Erle Martin

Tel. (912)438-8183

Zimex Aviation Ltd. Zimex Business Aviation Ctr.

Denis Thoraval

Tel. (41) 1-815-53-30

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